Monday, 20 February 2012

Going Green on Your Wedding

Lets Talk: Going Green on your Wedding

We all know that we need to look after our planet, but we want our Wedding day to be extravagant and amazing. So here are some ideas that give you the best of both worlds and are usually also better for your budget.
  • Invites: Here you have a choice, the ultimate eco-friendly way to invite people to your Wedding is to try getting your invitations printed on recyclable paper.
  • Location, location, location. This is just as important for Weddings as it is for business. Choose a location that most of your friends and family can get to easily as this saves on transportation costs, you could even encourage your guests to car pool. Also try picking a location where you can have your Wedding and reception on the same property because this saves on transport costs and emissions. Having your Wedding outdoors also saves on heating, cooling and lighting costs.
  • If you have everything you need for your new home why not ask your guests to donate to charity or plant a tree in your honour. Your guest favours can also follow these lines, why not hand paint pot plants for your guests, not only will this help the planet but also be a very special thoughtful gift.
  • Donate your Wedding receptions left overs, I am sure the Salvation Army would really appreciate it.
  • Local is lekker: by buying local products you aren't shipping things from a long way away, so research what flowers and foods are locally produced. You will also be saving money as it hasn't had to travel very far.
  • Throw seed not rice. Why not feed the birds on your Wedding day and have your guests throw birdseed instead of rice, it is also safer for your guests.
Remember like your Wedding day memories, we want the Earth to be around a long time.

Be the Belles of your Wedding Ball
Love The Mobile Bridal Studio

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Trash The Dress, to hire or buy

Why should you buy your wedding dress when you can hire it?

That is the question most brides ask themselves. Well you could always keep it for your child but as some of us know our mothers taste is completely different to ours. Or you could like Miss Haversham from Great expectations wear it on occasion.

Hiring seems to be the better option because you don't have to keep the dress, but you are still paying quite a lot of money for a dress you don't get to keep. Not to mention the care you need to take on your wedding day because you have to return the dress.
Here is my suggestion rather buy your dress and then...why not Trash the dress? 

This doesn't mean you have to tear it up and rip it to shreds, although if you want to...
It could be something as simple as having your wedding pictures taken with you on a horse or as daring as jumping into a lake.

Every bride wants her wedding and her dress to be special and beautiful. So why settle for the same old boring wedding photos when you can look like an ethereal princess floating in the water or riding into the sunset with your prince on the back of a horse.

The beauty of trash the dress is that the photographer takes it only as far as you are willing to go, while ensuring your photos look beautiful. So be as outrageous or cautious as you want just find the perfect photographer.

So ladies if you want pictures that are out of this world, then buy your dress and trash it!

Remember you are the Belle of your ball and your photos too.

Love the Mobile Bridal Studio

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Weight a minute...

Happy New Year!! Now is the time for new beginnings and New Years Resolutions. Whether your resolutions involve quitting smoking or finally getting that special someone to propose, I believe this year is the year.

Whatever your resolutions are every woman (or at least every woman I know) has decided to lose weight. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to look amazing in a bikini or your wedding dress, that is my own resolution... Can you feel the but coming, that's because everyone knows weight loss like everything is only good in moderation. I can't tell you how many brides we see who lose too much weight for their wedding only to put more on afterwards. Also there is nothing worse than looking at a picture of your wedding and not recognizing yourself. Another thing is how much money did you spend on catering for your wedding only to watch other people eat it and the only wedding cake you ate was what you managed to lick off your cheek after your darling husband, sweetly shoved it into your face.

Your wedding and your wedding planning should be fun and not filled with weight worry. He proposed to you as you are and loves you , why change ? Ok right, reality check, South Africa is slowly growing ,literally, into one of the most obese countries. So if you need to lose weight, make it a lifestyle choice and not just for your wedding. Now I am not a doctor but we all know how to lose weight, we just forget momentarily in the hopes that just eating baby food will get us magically to our perfect weight. Simple fact is eat healthily and exercise are the only solutions. Also remember by wearing the right size clothing you will look slimmer. So ditch what is too small because no one needs to know you are wearing a size 14 instead of a size 8. So unless you are wearing your jeans so low that everyone can see your tag , NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW!

Also keep in mind that wedding dresses are made in slightly smaller sizes, never let a consultant make you feel bad for having curves or a bum or boobs, you are the one who will fill out the dress in all the right places unlike the models it was made to fit. So tell her so what, get me my size 14 wedding dress because I bought my cake and I am sure as hell going to eat it! Have a wonderful year with your lived ones who love you as you are. So wait a minute before deciding on weight.

Remember you are the belle of your ball!
Love The Mobile Bridal Team

Thursday, 15 December 2011

White Christmas

"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas... May your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be White". This classic Christmas song says it best, to all brides getting married on Christmas my wish for you is that. But when your wedding day involves food and drink which all do, its very hard to keep your wedding dress as White as snow. So here is a few tips on keeping your Christmas Wedding dress white.

  • Make-up: When dressing on the morning of your wedding, if your dress has to go over your head try to put a light cotton cloth over your face so that you don't transfer make-up onto your dress. Also wear a towel over your shoulders for any further touch ups.
  • Transportation: Ensure your transportation is immaculate , we wouldn't want a stain on the behind of your dress, otherwise lay down a clean white sheet on the seat.
  • Flowers: Some flowers make a mess, so ask your florist to remove any extra pollen from your bouqet so that your dress doesn't get a pollen transfer.
So have a wonderful wedding and Festive Season.

Be the belles of your wedding :)